Local chapter membership brings opportunities for participation in regular meetings held at 7PM on the first Monday of each month at 1st Lutheran Church, located at the corner of 10St and 3rd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Programs are varied and have dealt with birding, Iowa geology, plants, other natural subjects, local natural areas, environmental issues and other varied subjects. In addition, field trips are generally held twice a month to various local and state areas of special interests. The trips are varied and include birding, plants, butterflies, geology, prairies and other subjects of interests. Many members also serve as officers and on the many committees that help with the workings of the local chapter.

The local chapter also conducts two Christmas counts in Linn county. CRAS also donates money to projects as the funds are available. We have also worked with the Nature Conservancy, McBride Raptor Center, Kirkwood and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.

Come join us and be a part of the Audubon environmental program.

Local Dues

If you wish to join the local chapter but not the national, the dues are $20 per year. Contact Jim Durbin at 319-721-1593.

We have donated money for the following projects or groups:

  • Indian Creek Nature Center
  • Cedar River Ecosystem project
  • DNR non-game program
  • McBride Raptor Center
  • Trumpeter Swan project
  • Peregrine fund
  • Effigy Mounds project
  • Faulkes Woods project
  • Upper Mississippi River Campaign
  • Give $50 dollars and a one year membership to senior winner of Science fair
  • Give $50 dollars and a one year membership to junior winner of Science fair
  • Linn County Conservation
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
  • Upper Mississippi River Red-shouldered Hawk and Cerulean Warbler studies.
  • Iowa Audubon


Watched the young Peregrines a couple different years till they had fledged.

Teach beginning birdwatcher classes for Linn County Conservation.

Studies of the species found in various areas that have been purchased by Linn County Conservation.

Governor’s award for helping get the Peregrine project started.